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Internet Searching




The information you want is on the Internet. Somewhere. If only you could find it. You are all likely to be familiar with Google, probably the largest keyword-searchable database of websites on the Internet. As you have experienced, entering a few keywords into Google's search field results in large quantities of information. Today, we are going to work through a few exercises from a worksheet from the University of California to examine some of the power of advanced search techniques. We will also look at some tips on evaluating the quality of websites you may locate, and practice these on a sample website.

Materials/Links for today's lesson:

  1. Internet Search skills on the Teacher Tools website in our college
  2. Googling to the Max (handout)
  3. Evaluating Web pages
  4. A page to check out - DHMO



See the Resources page for additional information relating to today's topics.

Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery

Note also this Specialized Search Engines list from the Webquest site

An advanced course in web searching can be found at UC Berkeley Library.

Information on the "Invisible Web"