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Assignment: Webquest


The web has a wealth of learning resources, but all that information needs sound pedagogical structure in order for our students to transform that information into meaningful knowledge. The WebQuest, when well-designed, is one tool that can lead the learner into creativity, problem-solving, analysis, and synthesis, all those higher-level thinking skills that we desire to occur.

Basic Information

  • The WebQuest project will count for 25% of your grade, so you should devote a good amount of time to this assignment. Your finished product will actually be Internet-accessible.
  • You will use the QuestGarden wiki to build your WebQuest, so you will need only a Web browser to create your project (note that Safari will not work, however). Therefore, you can easily work at home, school, the classroom, or the GAL.
  • To build a WebQuest often requires collaborative work; I recommend working in groups of two or three. Be sure you can work well with others in your group.
    • In choosing your partner/s be sure there will not be a problem as far as getting together outside of class.
  • The WebQuest is due on December 9.

Process for Developing your Webquest

Step 1: Initial Planning & Topic Selection

Step 2: Developing an Assessment for Your Task

Step 3: Writing the Process Section

See also
Concepts to Classroom—A self-paced mini-course on the Webquest concept.

Adapted from EdTec course at the
SDSU Department of Educational Technology

Graphic from NECC 05 presentation
by Bernie Dodge