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Assignment: Webquest

Writing the Process Section


Step 3: Writing the Process Section

We will go through the Analyzing the WebQuest Process as a class exercise to help you analyze and see how a Process section can be be developed, but you can also refer back to this checklist as you write your Process section.

  1. As you develop your Process, utilize the resources we initially looked at in class. Note particularly these links in the topic on the Process.
  2. Look at the examples under the Scaffolding section.
    • The Resources, for example, gives strategies and examples of types of pre-defined resources to effectively direct your student.
    • The Process Guides section are supporting materials that help students with various process techniques, such as brainstorming or using primary documents.
    • The Visual Organizers link gives you practical insight into ways of utilizing the Inspiration software we learned in the course.
For some more specific guidelines concerning three categories of support the learner needs, see the following links:
  • Reception scaffolding—guide students in extracting information from the sources you give them;
  • Transformation scaffolding—guidance on operating at the higher level of Bloom’s;
  • Production scaffolding—supporting various types of writing tasks.

As a final check, use the Process Checklist to review your process section.

Other Resources

Thinking Visually with WebQuests—A presentation dealing primarily with scaffolding.
More scaffolding examples

WebQuest Assignment

Adapted from EdTec course at the
SDSU Department of Educational Technology

Graphic from NECC 05 presentation
by Bernie Dodge