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Assignment: Portfolio





You will pick two projects from the six major assignments you created this semester (concept map, database inquiry, software review, podcast, digital story, & webquest). Create a new page in your classroom wiki space (on, label your page something like Yourname's Portfolio, and include on your page the following:

  1. The purpose of your project—why are your students going through this, creating this, etc?
  2. How would you implement this project in a classroom setting—as part of a larger lesson, a student-created work, etc ?
  3. What is the project's connection to other curricular topics?
  4. List at least two standards (TEKS) that relate to your project.
  5. Include a statement as to why technology was an effective (or more preferred) tool to use for this lesson.

Link or upload the actual project file to the wiki page (this will depend on the nature of the file—media [pictures, video, etc] can be directly imbedded, Word documents will be inserted [uploaded]; the concept map will need to be converted to a PDF or graphic file to be used).




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