Computers in Education
LTEC 4100

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Section 024
2013 Fall Semester

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Intro and Basic Computing; Overview of Educational Psychology

Class 1

Sept 3


Course Introduction and Basics of Macintosh OS X

Activity: Performance Objectives
Activity: Bloom's Taxonomy

Graphic Organizers

Activity: Graphic Organizers

Before Next Class:

  • Read Ch 2 of text
  • Be prepared for a short quiz on Ch 2 & on-line presentation

Inspiration Assignment Due: Sept 23

Infographic on the Flipped Classroom

The LTEC Moodle server

Using Productivity Software for Student-Centered Inquiry

Class 2

Sept 10


Learning Theories Presentation

Before Next Class:

  • Review the presentation on Performance Objectives and complete the performance objectives exercise (file on the Moodle site); submit to Moodle by Tues, Sept 25@12:00 am
  • Read Ch 8, pg 240-262 (new) of text (old - pg 252 - 274)

SimSchool Teaching Simulation Using Productivity Software for Student-Centered Inquiry; Performance Objectives

Class 3

Sept 17


SimSchool Activity

Before Next Week:

  • Read Ch 3

Bloom's Taxonomy; Instructional Software

Class 4

Sept 24


View the presentation on Integrating Instructional Software

Before Next Class:

  • Complete Tutorial 1 on using InspireData (see also the Database Inquiry assignment). Be sure the four plots are captured in a slideshow (as described in tutorial), and upload to Moodle by Monday, Oct 1@12:00 am
  • Read Ch 3 in the text--will have short quiz on general characteristics of the 5 types of educational software
  • Prepare for Spreadsheets for Inquiry activity
    • Learn basics of using a spreadsheet by working through this tutorial
    • As part of the Inquiry cycle discussed above, think of one or two questions you would like to ask concerning M&M candies
    • Post both of these items on the Moodle site by Monday, Oct 7 by 5:00 pm

SimSchool Teaching Simulation

Class 5

Oct 1


Meet at Discovery Park

Before Next Class:

  • Read Ch 4
Copyright; Rubrics; Educational Standards; Web Searching

Class 6

Oct 8


Student-Centered Inquiry

Activity: Spreadsheets for Inquiry
Activity: Seeing Connections with Databases

Catalog of software in the lab

Before Next Class:

  • Read Ch 5 in the text
  • Review the Process for Developing Your WebQuest. This page will be used to guide our thinking through the WebQuest project. In preparation for next time we meet, read the article referenced in the first item under the Initial Panning section.

Assignment: Using a Database for Inquiry
Due: Nov 5

Graphic Organizers; Handheld Computing

Class 7

Oct 15


Activity: Internet Search Skills

Copyright and Fair Use

Before Next Class:

  • Read Ch 6 in the text

Integrating the Internet into Instruction–Webquests Digital Images; Acquire Images: Digital Camera; Digital Video

Class 8

Oct 22


Integrating the Internet: Webquests

Activity: A WebQuest about WebQuests

Webquest Topic Planning

Fill out the WebQuest Planning Sheet (due in 2 weeks - Nov 5)

The Official WebQuest Page

Webquest Assignment Due:Dec 9

The WebQuest Process section; Digital Storytelling

Class 9

Oct 29


Incorporating Digital Images in Instruction
The Interactive Web – Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts

Activity: Using a Digital Camera & Image Editing

Review the instructional video on using iMovie

Digital Video

Class 10

Nov 5


Creating Rubrics
Webquest Rubric

Digital Storytelling
Overview of Digital Storytelling (presentation)

Digital Story Assignment Due: Dec 6

Digital Video Video Work Session

Class 11

Nov 12


Resources/Ideas for Digital Storytelling and Animation


Before Next Class:

  • Read Ch 7 p. 220 - 223 (new) (old - pg. 237 - 241) in the text

Digital Story Assignment Due: Dec 6
Webquest Assignment Due: Dec 9

Using the Web to Communicate

Class 12

Nov 19


Analyzing the WebQuest Process

Creating a QuestGarden Account

Project Work Session

Class 13

Nov 26

Optional Open Lab Workday

Webquest Assignment Due: Dec 9

Project Work Session

Class 14

Dec 3


Building Your Portfolio

Course Evaluation

Technology Perceptions Surveys

Portfolio Assignment Due: Dec 13

Schedule is tenative and may have slight revisions according to the needs of the course.

Some resources and ideas adapted from EdTec course at the
SDSU Department of Educational Technology

Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery