CECS 5500 - Summer 1999
Computer Applications for Curriculum & Instruction

Tentative Course Schedule and Resources
 * class syllabus *

Tentative Schedule of Topics

Topics Read for Class/Notes

Mon 6/7 Required Attendance Day
Class Discussion (RealAudio) (PastSemester Real Audio)
Overview of Class (MH 307)
KC Ch 1-2
Searching the WWW
Tue 6/8 Overview of START, TA-TEKS (MH 307);
Overview of Topics for the day (RealAudio)
Sharing Technology Application Resources with Teachers (RealAudio Powerpoint)
Web Browsing on CD-ROM (MH 307),
NW Ch. 9, KC Ch 3-5
Wed 6/9 Curriculum Integration (Browsing and Searching the web RealAudio)
(Internet in the Classroom RealAudio or Slideshow)
(PastSemester Real Audio and Powerpoint)
Read NW Ch. 1-2
Today's Technological Challenges (MH 307)
Designing Opportunities for Learning (MH 307)
Conversion of Word Processing Documents to HTML (MH 307)
Thur 6/10 Discussion of Assignments (RealAudioof Semester Past) (MH 307)
Designing Learning Environments (MH 307)
NW - chapters preface-2 (Powerpoint)(PastSemester RealAudio)
Internet in Education (MH 307)
Library and reference CD-ROM Searching (MH 307)
Discussion of assignments and library searching (RealAudio)
Fri 6/11 Discussion of final project (RealAudio) First 2 minutes blank
Designs for Literacy, Problem Solving, Knowledge
Non-Technology TEKS
START Curricular Connections (RealAudio)(Powerpoint)
Read NW Ch. 3-5; KC Ch -8
Mon 6/14* participants view individually:
Read NW Ch. 3-5
Tue 6/15 * participants view individually:
START Curricular Connections (RealAudio)(Powerpoint)
Wed 6/16* participants view individually:
Video:  Educator Professional Development:
Rhodes Middle School 6/98 (Real Video) [28.8/56K]
Read San Antonio Evaluation Report from START Master Trainer CD Image
(Also listed as Comparisonof 6 Middle Schools at www.tcet.unt.edu, Research Findings)
Thur 6/17 Exam 10-11 am (Attendance Required)
Fri 6/18 * participants view individually
Read NW Ch 6-7
Video: START2 (1998) (RealVideo)
(Presentation at the Governor'sConference)
Mon 6/21 * participants view individually
Read NW Ch. 8
Tue 6/22 *participants view individually
Models from the Book, Engaged Learner Model (RealAudio)
Wed 6/23
Individual Work Session.
Mon 6/24
Group Work Session.
Wed 6/25
Individual Work Session.
Mon 6/28 Assignment 1 Due at beginning of class (MH 307) (RealAudio) .
Discussion of School Profiles (MH 307)
Examine one teacher training module or other resource at http://www.ci.bryanisd.org/tie/tie.html.(MH 307)
Tue 6/29 Assignment 2 Due at beginning of class (MH 307)
             Bonus Credit (RealAudio)
Discussion and Demos of URLs located by class (MH 307)
Wed 6/30 Attendance Required
Assignment 3 Due at beginning of class (MH 307) (Real Audio Live)
Classmeeting to discuss final projects, presentationschedule.
Thu 7/1
 Individual meetings with instructor.
Fri 7/2
No class
Mon 7/5
Individual meetings with instructor.
Tue 7/6 (Required Attendance)
Presentations(RealAudio Live)
Wed 7/7 (Required Attendance)
Thur 7/8
Revised Assignment 3 Due, Class Evaluation, Virtual Party ;-)
Fri 7/9
Instructor consultations as needed


START - Sharing TechnologyApplications Resources with Teachers
Internet inthe Classroom - by Rhonda Christensen