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Informational Sites

Al About Plants

Thinkquest This website is designed to help you learn about plants

Backyard Plants

info on plants and their parts

BBC Living Things

  link to interactive sites with basic information about plants

Biology of Plants

play games, watch video clips, view animated diagrams, and sing songs to learn about plant parts, photosynthesis, pollination, seed dispersal, and plant adaptations

Cal's Plant of the Week

In depth description of one plant each week

Chloe the Chloroplast

 in depth information on chloroplasts


informational site about the dandelion


The Dirt on Soil

information on soil including interactive microscopic safari through the soil

Explore the Plant Kingdom

 plant experiments and activities

Floral Radiographs: The Secret Garden

 radiographs of flowers

Fun Facts About Fungi informational facts about fungi

Great Plant Escape - 4th & 5th Grade

interactive plant information

Growing Plants

interactive BBC site shows what elements are needed in plant growth, identify parts of plant and more 

Hilton Pond

 The BEST place to learn about
ALL the plants and animals of the Piedmont

How Plants and Flowers Grow

info on plants, flowers, pollination, seeds, and bulbs

Kid's World - Plant Nutrition

plant nutrients, soil testing, fertilizer label, lawn and garden tips, puzzle game, coloring book, quiz and links

Life Cycle of a plant




Living Things

info on plants



Nature: The Seedy Side of Plant

 discover how seeds travel, how plants adapt to their environment, and how genetic engineering is changing plants

People and Plants

how different cultures use plants

Photosynthesis, Energy and Life

all about photosynthesis


The Plant Kingdom

 information about plants intermediate level

Plant Library

 botanical name and common name of plants


 includes info on plants and their parts, photosynthesis, and more

Plants in Motion

 time lapse plant movies

Plants and Our Environment



Plants- Parts  Salad

 match plant part drawings to name

Primary Plant Pages

plant information by Mrs. Qualls 2nd grade class

Printable Plant Worksheets

 word search, crossword, Venn diagrams, plant parts, etc.

Savage Garden

 Thinkquest all about carnivorous plants

Seed Harvest

harvesting Christmas tree seeds


What is Photosynthesis?

 source of web sites dealing with photosynthesis

What Tree Is It?

how to identify trees by leaf, fruit and name

The Wonderful World of Trees

about trees and how they change during the seasons




Garden Coloring Book

 online coloring page

The Garden Gate

index to gardening databases

Garden Jigsaw Puzzle

 jigsaw puzzle

Garden Tools Concentration concentration game

Gardening Information

 all about gardening

The Gardening Launch Pad 

gardening links 

Gardening With Children

 list of gardening links

Gardening Word Scramble

word scramble 

Gardening for Kids

 Contains basic gardening tips and specfic help on bulbs, heaths and heathers, and kid-friendly plants. 

How to be a Gardener

from the BBC complete online guide to gardening

Kid's Valley Garden Gardening for kids: planning, planting, keeping plants healthy, showing your plants, flowers, veggies, herbs, and shrubs


 site contains ideas for gardening with kids

Michigan 4-H Children's Garden Kid's Tour

 tour of garden

Missouri Botanical Garden

gardening help

My First Garden

gardening fundamentals for kids

Secret Garden

 gardening tips, life in garden, and biodiversity

Weekend Gardener 

 growing guide, how to start seeds, and fast facts





Interactive Sites

Garden Coloring Book

 online coloring (not available from school)

Garden Jigsaw Puzzle

 jigsaw (not available from school)

Garden Tools Concentration

 matching (not available from school)

Great Plant Escape - 4th & 5th Grade

 interactive plant information

Growing Plants

 interactive BBC site shows what elements are needed in plant growth, identify parts of plant and more Age 5-6

In Search of Green Life

interactive identify parts of the plant

Life Cycles

label the plant

Plant Explorer 

 interactive site includes parts of the plant, what plants need, plants for food and more..

Plant Puzzle Game 

jigsaw puzzles


Plants and animals in the local environment

identify living things age 6-7


 contains information, quizzes, links and activities on plants


Plants in Motion

 time lapse plant movies

Plants- Parts  Salad

 match plant part drawings to name

The Wonderful World of Trees

 about trees and how they change during the seasons

Parts of a Plant

The plant parts labeling application is a simple to use science vocabulary exercise. Label words are simply dragged and dropped into the correct place in the diagram.

Plant Life Cycle

Life cycle diagram, flower anatomy diagram and seed dispersal

The Life Cycle of Plants

seed growth, parts of a flower, seed dispersal, worksheets, and plant identification

Helping Plants Grow Well

try to grow your plant

Parts of a Plant

identify parts and functions of plants

Plant Life

matching activity

Plant Parts

interactive activities

Plant Reproduction

interactive activities

Plant and Flower Games

multiple activities for primary students

Root Factory

game with different types of roots

Kid's World - Plant Nutrition

informational site, online coloring, games and quiz

Life Cycles

label the plant parts

Interactive Plant Quiz

Parts of a plant

label the plant parts

Plant Power

National Geographic game

Climbers and Creepers

insect and plant stories, coloring pages, and games

Plants and Animals in the local environment

Ages 6-7 from the BBC

Hello Kitty's Garden

help Kitty set out her garden

The Garden Shop

online book from Starfall


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