CECS 4100


You are required to complete the following tasks during the scope of this course.

A1: PowerPoint Presentation of Technology Integration in a Subject Area 
Due: Feb. 1, 2005, at the beginning of class

Assignment 1 is a PowerPoint presentation of Technology Integration in a Subject Area
 Work on a team of 3 - 5 students (to be assigned by the instructor based on your interests) to give
a presentation to the class on one of six subject area clusters.
Your presentation will include:

    - an overview of the history, theory and general information in the subject area cluster as presented in the chapter.
    - a PowerPoint presentation with at least six slides (and not more than 12) to be used as a part of the presentation
    - a 1-page assessment tool (2 stars and a wish) for your PowerPoint presentation (copies to be handed out to each member of the class)

Due:  February 1, 2005, at the beginning of class
Turn in: (by each team member) 1 copy of the PowerPoint presentation (6 slides to a page), and an assessment tool for each member of class.
Prepare a group presentation to share with other classmates and hand out 26 copies of your assessment tool at the beginning of your presentation (These will go back to your team -- not kept by your instructor for grading.) Each team member should have an electronic copy of the powerpoint presentation to keep.
Points:  10

A2: Finding Thematic Resources for Classroom Teachers 
Due: Feb. 22, 2005, at the beginning of class

Finding Thematic Resources

Using criteria discussed in class, choose a request from a practicing teacher to find 5 resources on the topic listed.
Find at least one software resource, at least one Internet project, and at
least one web site. The additional two resources may be any of those three types of resources.
You will also enter your resources into the CECS 4100 database.

Due: February 22, 2005, at the beginning of class.
Turn in: 2 sets of everything. Include the cover sheet like sample provided (word processed) and printouts of the websites.
One set will be for me to grade and the other one will go directly to the classroom teacher.
Points:  10

Bonus Point Opportunity


A3: Student Sample - Newsletter or Brochure 
Due:  March 8, 2005, at the beginning of class

Student sample (what you would expect your K-12 students to produce) of a newsletter or brochure
(see TTF Module 4 for more details or tutorial). This assignment should meet the following criteria:

      Newsletter should be age appropriate for the grade you are targeting (use 2 or 3 column format)
      Brochure of 4-6 panels (on 8.5x11 sized paper)
      Content should be in the theme of your unit plan
      Must be produced in MS-Publisher
      Alter one of the sample rubrics or checklists to use for evaluation of your student's work

Text must be paraphrased and all sources cited properly.

Due:  March 8, 2005, at the beginning of class.
Turn in: a print-out of your newsletter or brochure and the evaluation rubric or checklist
Points: 10

A4: Unit Website 
Due: April 5, 2005, at the beginning of class

Assignment 4 Website (similar to TTF Module 6)
Should include at least:

Due: April 5, 2005, at the beginning of class
Turn in: a print-out of each page of your website. It will be ftp'd to the courseweb server
so we can view it from our class webpage. You must turn in a floppy disk or USB flash drive with only the webpage and associated files on it. All relevant files must be in a folder named by last first initial, last name (e.g., gknezek) or first name, last name initial if your name is longer than 8 characters (rhondac). The entire contents of this folder will be ftped to your website so be certain all files that are linked from your page and all links exist within the folder.
Points: 10

Website Rubric

A5: Portfolio of Instructional Materials 
Due: May 3, 2005, at the beginning of class

Assignment 5 features the updated and completed Plan of Instruction, based on the template provided in your Intel book CD and linked from the web page for our class. Supporting materails including examples you porduced of student samples of work (A3), copies of your assessment rubrics, a printed copy of your weibsite (A4, primary pages only), and your works cited page should be attached as well. This is for your proposed unit of instruction on the topic chosen earlier in the semester.

The following components should be included:

See Module 10 for more details.
Be prepared to present a "show and tell" of your Portfolio to the class. You will actively participate in the assessment of
your peers' portfolios and presentations.

Due: May 3, 2005, at the beginning of class.
Turn in: A copy of the Portfolio in some type of organized binder.
Points:  20


A6: MicroWorlds Programming 
Due: April 26, 2005, at the beginning of class

You will design and develop a MicroWorlds program on a topic relevant to the K-12 classroom. Make a storyboard or design document (first!) using Inspiration or by hand.  This should
depict each screen of your project. Programs may use turtle graphics or interaction screens as appropriate.

Include the following components:

Due:  April 26, 2005, at the beginning of class.
Turn in:
(1) Design document
(2) Project printed out (each page) including a cover sheet.
      On the cover sheet include your name, project title, intended audience, and a brief description of the project
      and its use in the classroom. Staple or bind all pages in the upper left corner.
(3) Copy your project onto the instructor's jazz drive or J: drive on the teaching station.
(4) Show your project to the class.

MicroWorlds Rubric 

Points: 10

  See Example Projects on the H: drive or visit some of theseMicroWorld Web sites.

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