CECS 5610

Analysis of Research in Educational Technology 

Spring 2004 

General Information

Instructor:  Dr. Gerald Knezek (gknezek@tenet.edu)

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Educational Research Exchange
Student Information Sheet for Technology and Cognition

Course Description:

    Interpretation, analysis and synthesis of current research in educational technology for the purpose of integrating research methodology and application to educational environments. 

    This course has five objectives:

    1. The student will prepare a summary of experimental research and present the summary in class.
    2. The student will write a critique of an experimental research study.
    3. The student will analyze and summarize previously prepared exploratory data in a small collaborative group.
    4. The student will classify various experimental and statistical variables, and types of experimental designs.
    5. The student will produce a research design document and present the design to the class.

Class Listserv:

  • Listserv -  please send an email to Dana Arrowood at arrowood@coe.unt.edu from the email address you would like to have on designated class discussion list.

Meeting Information:

    Matthews Hall - 308
    Saturday, January 17, 9-1 pm
    Saturday, February 21, 9-1 pm
    Saturday, March 27, 9-1 pm
    Saturday April 24, 9-1 pm


  • Access to an Internet browser, an Internet service provider and e-mail will be necessary for those enrolling in this course. A Real Player plug-in is needed and can be downloaded at www.real.com.
  • Supplementary materials for this course are by Dr. Gerald Knezek and Dr Jon Young.
  • E-mail access is required as well. 
  • Students are expected to participate in discussions in person or via E-mail.
  • There will be four assignments and one exam.