General Information


An overview of the course from Dr. Jones.

Course Description

Interpretation, analysis and synthesis of current research in educational technology for the purpose of integrating research methodology and application to educational environments.

This course has five objectives:

  1. The student will prepare a summary of experimental research.
  2. The student will write a critique of an experimental research study.
  3. The student will analyze and summarize previously prepared exploratory data in a small collaborative group.
  4. The student will classify various experimental and statistical variables, and types of experimental designs.
  5. The student will produce a research design document.
  6. The student will gain an understanding of basic quantitative and qualitative research.

Class Discussions

The instructor will use the department's moodle system to communicate information to students throughout the class. It is your responsibility to read discussions on the course forums. Contact the instructor if you have problems. The moodle section might not be available until the first day of the course.

Student Information

Please complete the Student Information Sheet for Learning Technologies.

If you have problems getting to this page check the following solutions depending on your browser Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Meeting Information

The instructor will schedule online sessions as needed during the course. The course will be using Adobe Connect Pro and there is a short tutorial available on its use. Meetings are optional, but highly recommend with such a short semester. Recording of the meetings will be made available when possible.

See your course on the moodle for the times and dates of online meetings.