Additional Course Links

The following links are additional resource links from Dr. Jones' Delicious Site and from the Web.

January 18 - February 7 (Basic PHP, HTML, and Server Access)

  • Course Notes:
    • Course Review
      • Review Assignments
      • Look over Textbook
      • Discussions, Quizs, and Assignment Submissions are on Moodle.
    • Schedule and Readings
      • Review this schedule
      • Note Assignment Due Dates
      • Section Notes (below) hilight topics or areas in the readings that you should be sure to review.
    • Web Authoring Software
      • Students must acquire web authoring software.
      • See the course syllabus for details.
    • Uploading Web Pages and Files to your assigned Account
      • The course will be using an assigned server for assignment upload. The instructor will provide additional details on using the server.
      • You will need software to transfer your files onto the Course server.
  • Reading:
  • Section Notes:
    • Introduction to PHP
      • Psuedo Code
      • Code Blocks
      • Basic Programming - Key Concepts
      • How to start and end php code within HTML code
      • Variables
      • Globals and Superglobals
      • Data Types
      • Operators and Expressions
      • Constants
      • Flow Control Functions
      • Functions
      • Arrays
      • Objects
      • Strings, Dates, and Time
    • Jquery (extra credit)
      • Assignment 1 has an extra credit section which uses Jquery
    • What is Programming? and why do we do it?
    • Programming Languages what are they?
    • Software Life Cycle
    • Software Porting
  • Review Notes:
    • HTML Overview
    • Anatomy of an HTML document
    • Learning to Use HTML
      • When reading the course text, be sure to enter the HTML code as you read it so that you can get a feel for what the code is doing. Entering the code is a much more effective way to learn HTML than simply reading about it.
    • Important HTML Elements
      • Be sure to read the textbook to understand all the HTML elements
    • Other HTML elements and concepts to review
      • Text Basics (logical and physical)
      • Lists
      • Inserting a Link
      • Linking Documents, hyperlinks
      • Web Page Structures
    • File Names
      • NEVER USE spaces or special characters (!@#$%^&, etc) in your file names. A space when used becomes %20 which a user has a very hard time typing into a URL.
      • If you must have a space use an underscore '_' instead as in page_1.html
      • ALL html files must use the extension .html not .htm.
  • Captivates
Web Development Cycle
A discussion on the cycle/process of creating, editing, and reviewing web development.
Using Dreamweaver
A short overview of how DW is used in this course.

Be sure to visit the following sites for additional tutorials:

  • Dreamweaver
  • There are a number of online books at the UNT library using the Safari Books Online system. Look under e-books and search on dreamweaver.
  • Also, the Internet is loaded with tutorials and examples.
Managing Dreamweaver Sites
DW uses sites (what I like to call projects) to hold your web pages. You have to create a site, before you can begin developing web pages.
Creating your HOME page
This captivate will run through the steps of create a basic home page (index.html).
This captivate talks about validating your home page.

Using PuttySSH
This captivate talks about logging into the server using puttyssh.

If you do not have a SSH terminal then you need to download puttyssh. Mac users already have a terminal program in the Utilities folder under applications, issue "ssh -l useraccount systemname" to connect to your system.

First PHP Programs
This captivate talks about HTML, embedded PHP, and all PHP coding.

PHP Debug
This captivate talks about PHP debug issues and approaches.

Assignment 1 Overview
This presentation covers what is required for assignment 1.
  • Other Notes:
    • Practice uploading to course account.
    • Why Validate your Web page?
    • About the W3C Validation Service
    • A very handy validation addon for Firefox that can be used while you are looking at your web page. I find this quicker to use than the web-based validation service.
    • Assignment 1 Discussion, Quiz, Home Page, Web Site Due

February 8 - 28 (Forms, Data Validation, Sending E-mail)

  • Reading:
    • SAMS
      • Part III
        • Chapter 11 (201-222) - Forms
  • Section Notes:
    • Forms
      • HTML and PHP on the same page (revisited)
      • Hidden Fields (very important)
      • Redirecting Users
      • Sending E-mail
  • Captivates
Assignment 2 Overview
This presentation covers what is required for assignment 2.
  • Other Notes:
    • Assignment 2 Discussion, Quiz, Web Site Due

February 28 - March 21 (Sessions, Reading and Writing to Files)

  • Reading:
    • SAMS
      • Part III
        • Chapter 12 (223-238) - Cookies and User Sessions
        • Chapter 13 (239-268 ) - Files and Directories
        • Chapter 14 (269-290) - Images
    • PHP6/MYSQL
      • Reading TBD
  • Section Notes:
    • User Sessions
    • Reading, Writing, and Working with Files
    • Images
  • Captivates
Assignment 3 Overview
This presentation covers what is required for assignment 3.
Working with File Permissions
This presentation covers what is required for assignment 3 to alloow Apache write access to the user data file.

March 22 - April 11 (Database)

  • Reading:
    • SAMS
      • Part III
        • Chapter 15 (293-304) - Database Design
        • Chapter 16 (305-352) - Basic SQL Commands
        • Chapter 18 (361-372) - Interacting with MySQL using PHP
    • PHP6/MYSQL
      • Reading TBD
  • Section Notes:
    • Open a connection to a database
    • Read and Write to a database
    • Remote Management of Database System
    • Using phpMyAdmin Tutorial
  • Captivates
Assignment 4 Overview
This presentation covers what is required for assignment 4.
Using phpMyAdmin
This presentation covers using phpMyAdmin to administrate your database.
  • Other Notes
    • Assignment 4 Discussion, Quiz, Web Site Due, Assignment 5 Proposal Due

April 12 - May 2 (Final Project)

  • Final Project
    • Students must submit assignment 5 proposal by due date of assignment 4. The proposal will outline what the final web project will be on.
  • Other Notes
    • Assignment 5 Quiz, Web Site Due