Standalone Project Avaiable

Posted by Greg Jones October, 2012

The standalone (non-networked) version of the museum is available.

You can visit the CRG web-site to download one of the applicaitions or to view the web-version of the research project in standalone mode. The original work was done in the CRG framework and provided network connectivity to track users and other data during the research. This version has ported the assests from the orginal research into the Unity framework and the networking component has been removed. The interaction with the museum remains the same between versions.

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Movie of current project Museums and Education 3D Virtual Environments. Click to Play.

Future research

Posted by A. D'Alba July, 2012

Our thoughts about future research

Future research will focus in comparing preferences, usability, engagement, knowledge acquisition, and overall experience in multi user virtual museums vs. single user ones. We are really interested on inviting K12 schools to participate in this research. This will require to adapt the environment and the content.
A second issue that requires further exploration is if culture plays a role on the results obtained from this research. Both, the pilot and the second study were performed with Mexican participants, who belong to a different culture from the American one. If this research is replicated using undergraduate American students from a college in United States using an exhibition from an American artist, would the results be similar to the ones obtained previously?

Spring Symposium

Spring Colloquium. April 29, 2011

The research project hosted a day long colloquium on April 29 2011. Our guest speaker, Dr. Mark Christal presented his research in "Emerging Imaging Technologies for Museums". His presentation examined and discussed newer imaging technologies in general, focusing on Photogrammetry and reflectance transformation imaging, that are being used in museum information creation.
Dr. Greg Jones presented the Introduction to Virtual Environments and Museum Research, and him and Adriana D' Alba presented and discussed the findings of the Joint Research Project.
Professor Bertha Abraham from UAEM also attended the colloquium.

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Project Overview

Posted by A. D'Alba August, 2010


Museums and Educational 3D Virtual Environments.

The project leverages synergy between research into 3D virtual environments at UNT and museum education and presentation research at UAEM. The purpose of this research grant is to 1) explore the use of existing 3D virtual technologies to bring the museums into online 3D experiences, 2) examine pedagogical approaches of these virtual learning environments, 3) support doctoral research, and 4) increase awareness of the potential of creating 3D virtual museums.

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