This page contains information for both CS5 and CS4 version and before.

DreamWeaver Site Manager CS5

Play Example

1. Manage Site, Select new Site

2. Manage Site, Select new Site

Fill out the Site Name and the Path for the resources for this site

That is it -- under CS5...only two steps. As you can see below the older versions took a few more steps.

DreamWeaver Site Manager CS4 and Before

DreamWeaver Site Manager Flash Example

Play Example

1. Manage Site, Select new Site

2. Site Name: Choose the name

You might need to click on the BASIC tab at the top to get it to look like this.

3. Server Technology: Select None

4. Location of Files: Enter the path to where you will be editing the html files

In this example, the directory that will be created will be on C Drive and called assign1. Click the FOLDER icon to select where you want your materials to be referenced at.

5. Remote Server: None

Use the pull down to change from Local/Network to NONE.

6. Done: Shows you the selection you have made